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Sinet Software Limited has had its stronghold in the Software development marked for many years now, and evolving with times we have Provided Cost Effective IT Services, from  Networking to web software development.
We pride ourselves on achieving best quality results, while keeping solution provisioning Cost Effective for our clients. 
Having grown and evolved from various IT areas of expertise we apply adaptive approach in solution development.
We Specialise in Ecommerce solutions Provisioning. From start-ups to established businesses it's all about creating lasting relationships which over time develop into solid lasting business relationships. This is why if you plain to have your business generate income successfully, Ecommerce solution is a growing necessity to significantly grow your market share.    Digg    Facebook    Newsvine
I have a website, how to get SEO

We have spent a significant amount of time developing practical business solutions for the business who wish to take their business to the next level. E-Commerce relevant or simple Marketing concept with a page(s), concept, solution to reach your consumers in more convenient way, or to simply keep in touch. The purposes differ, but they all share the same eventual requirement. They need to be found.

More specifically, they need to crop up on Search engines such as Google, Msn, Yahoo, Lycos, Rambler, and so forth... You concepts, be it a website, Ecommerce or a marketing site, needs to be known and Found.

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Frodo JS Project

We are currently working on a mobile Frodo JS MAJAX - light-weight framework, which enables mobile developers create more versatile applications and concentrate on functionality, taking care of all "on-the-fly" asynchronous calls and layout. All nice dynamic work hopefully be realised soon with some help of this new Frodo Js - Majax framework in the coming future.

About Sinet Team

As our business grows and evolves, inevitably our IT strategy must evolve with it. Our strategic and technical advisory team works with clients to identify opportunities for improvement, to plan for the future and to manage change. We help senior decision-makers to identify how technology can improve business performance, ensuring that IT strategies are aligned with commercial and business objectives. In short, we help our clients to get the most out of their IT investment, so that your software adds tangible business value and a great return.

Our team are a friendly bunch, coming from a degree of IT backgrounds who are committed and passionate about their contribution towards outstanding IT solutions aiming to help our clients resolve IT related issues and maybe develop new innovative software solutions to help our client’s businesses’ success.


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